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The Streets Ahead spokesman quoted in an article in The Star on Saturday June 20, has made several claims about the damage/obstruction caused by the 11 trees due to be felled in Rustlings Road which are unsubstantiated: that the trees have caused at least three trips and falls over the past two years and that they also cause an obstruction to the pavement.

Currently, the only obstruction to the pavement is caused by a new lamppost, placed by Amey’s operatives right in the centre of the pavement. The residents, supported by Nick Clegg and our local councillors, have asked for a city wide moratorium on tree felling of two months to allow a tree and woodland strategy to be thrashed out to provide the city with a clear policy for the future.

It is essential that we protect our green infrastructure by following tree sensitive engineering policies, as many other councils do, when carrying out much needed pavement and highway repairs.

Among the many other environmental advantages they provide, mature trees are vital in helping to clean the polluted air in our congested streets. Recent statistics show that the number of deaths attributed to long-term air pollution in Sheffield in 2012 were the fourth highest in England. Cheap, formulaic solutions carry a long-term cost.

Freda Brayshaw

by email