Cost of rail bridge

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I wholeheartedly support the city council’s stand on the barrier issue at the Midland Station in Sheffield.

It is unclear whether the rail company is holding the residents of Park responsible for the £2 million fare dodging costs but it does seem reasonable to assume that a public transport company whose lifeblood is fare-paying passengers would take more care in collecting said fares.

In their rush to get more bums on seats in ever-more crowded trains to boost profit the operators have had to compromise on fare collection security.

With the present setup it is unrealistic to expect one conductor to collect fares on a crowded commuter train when some passengers are only travelling a few stops.

My own experience of travelling to Leeds from Sheffield regularly is that I sometimes don’t even see the conductor during the whole of the journey.

As I understand it, the bridge was paid for by public funds and I would support any move to make it a public right of way.

The alternative as I see it would be for the train operator to purchase the bridge from the owners for the cost of a new bridge or the refurbishment of the other existing bridge.

Funding would come from the saving of the ‘two million per year’ haemorrhaging from a transport company whose economic fare collecting system simply does not work in its present form, thereby satisfying all concerned.

However I am sceptical that even if the operator had exclusive right to use the bridge the fare saving would amount to anywhere near £2 million.

John Griffin, Saxonlea Ave, S2