Contempt heaped on Clegg is joke

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I’VE never voted Lib Dem because I’ve always seen them as too soft on issues that are important to me.

However, I’ve voted both Labour and Conservative over the years, except at the last general election when I didn’t vote for anyone because I have given up hope for the future of this once-great nation. I now couldn’t care less what happens because we’ve become a joke.

The biggest joke of all, at present, is the mindless contempt being heaped on Nick Clegg.

He is not guilty of betraying his supporters over university tuition fees. The poor man could not have known the extent to which the Labour Party had all but bankrupted the country. They even boasted the fact as they left office.

There is no doubt that Nick Clegg would have kept to his word had he been in a position to have done so.

Let me put it this way to all those naive Liberals: what can a mother do if, with good intentions, she promises her child a chocolate bar only to find her purse empty when she gets to the shop?

It’s no good the child screaming abuse at her because there is nothing she can do about it.

I’m not a Liberal and I wouldn’t vote for them, but I think that in time people will come to realise that Nick Clegg was a very honest man and a good politician. Look at the expenses scandal that rocked Parliament. Nick Clegg was lily white. That says a lot about the honesty of the man.

John Gaskell