Congestion by buses

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FOR traffic congestion, look no further than the buses and lay the blame on the drivers.

I just counted 18 buses blocking road junctions, tram tracks and pedestrian crossings in a one-hour period.

What’s wrong with these drivers? They can’t all be selfish morons, or are they?

Sheffield Council should paint box junctions and fit cameras, like in other big cities. They would rake in a lot of revenue from this.

The police look on and do nothing. Sheffield should be renamed Zombie Land. It’s unbelievable, seems like nobody’s home, they’re all brain dead walking about.

R Davison, S2

i COMPLETELY agree with the comments made by Steve, in Wincobank about the buses between Firth Park and the city centre, but he didn’t mention the fact that we don’t even get decent buses any more because I remember better vehicles operating on this route just last year.

They had low floors, better seats etc. But they don’t run them here any more.

Now we’re getting buses with round windows and seats which are horribly uncomfortable and make my children feel sick.

I’m trying not to use them unless I have to.

But something definitely needs to be done because we’re paying these outrageous fares for a poor service.

Alison Taylor, Wincobank

My wife and I went for a different night out in Sheffield. We went to Heeley. What a bustling, cosmopolitan area. Plenty of pubs, excellent curry houses, loads of shops. All in all an excellent part of Sheffield. So why not build a train station there? It could be like Deansgate in Manchester.

D Miller, S35