Concern over revoking of licence

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SHEFFIELD University and its students’ union are ‘concerned’ about the decision to revoke London Metropolitan University’s licence to admit and teach international students.

About 2,500 students are having to find alternative courses or return to their home countries after the action, which followed fears some students were breaking visa rules.

Sheffield University management believe the action will lead to ‘severe disruption for many legitimate international students and their families, sending a damaging message about the UK’s approach to international students’.

Professor Keith Burnett, university vice chancellor, said: “Sheffield University works closely with government and students to fulfil all its legal obligations in relation to visas, but is concerned the UK does not unwittingly deter people of talent who have a contribution to make and who are a vital part of the success of British universities.”

Abdi Suleiman, Sheffield University Students’ Union president, said: “There is a growing sense of anxiety from all international students about their own position in the UK, in the light of events in London.

“We will continue to work to challenge negative perceptions.”