Con-Dem pensions pot stealth raid

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Many have welcomed the Con-Dems’ announcement on changes to pension annuities. In reality many pensioners will see little or no improvement to their retirement with most facing years of poverty thanks to dodgy Dave Cameron’s serial pension crashing dating all the way back to Black-Wednesday.

All those looking to cash in should be aware that this is yet another attempt by the Con-Dems to get hold of your hard-earned savings. With a savings limit of £14,250, anyone going into residential care may find their pension pot being raided thanks to this Con-Dem ‘giveaway’.

This is little more than yet another Con-Dem stealth tax. Both Cameron and Clegg cannot wait to get their grubby little mitts on your pension pot, ensuring that dreams of a long and rewarding retirement remain just dreams. Never trust a Con-Dem bearing gifts.

Mark Jones