Complaints rise over road damage

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News: The Star - bringing you news on-line 24-hours a day.
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SHEFFIELD’S most pothole-pitted road is in Loxley, The Star can exclusively reveal today.

In a period of four years, from April 2007 to April 2011, residents and motorists contacted Sheffield Council to report 87 potholes on Loxley Road alone, figures show.

The street is part of the Stocksbridge and Upper Don council ward - which also topped the list for the most pothole-plagued locality.

The ward as a whole suffered the most complaints from fed-up drivers and locals, with 1,059 reports of potholes over the four-year period.

The second highest number of complaints came in the Dore and Totley ward, which had 989, followed by Central with 782, West Ecclesfield with 729, and Beauchief and Greenhill with 713.

Making up the rest of the top 10 were Walkley and Ecclesall jointly, each with 707 complaints, Birley with 678, Stannington with 668, Graves Park with 664, and Darnall with 640.

The numbers are revealed by The Star today as part of our Your Right To Know campaign, which aims to highlight the facts and figures that affect everyday South Yorkshire life.

The figures show the total number of complaints about potholes city-wide has increased.

At the end of 2007, some 3,360 complaints had been recorded. That was up to 3,971 in the calendar year 2010 - and up again to 3,457 by the end of November last year.

John Charlton, Sheffield Council’s director of Street Force, put the rise down to recent harsh winters - and promised money is on the way to fix the city’s highways.

“We investigate all complaints regarding potholes and deal with them as quickly as possible to repair the holes,” he said.

“There is a major £1.21 billion Highways private finance initiative scheme due to begin later this year, which will tackle all the city’s highways and bring them up to a good standard. “Ongoing maintenance over the next 25 years is included in the contract.”

While Loxley Road is the worst of the city’s 10 most pitted streets, others fared almost as badly.

Abbey Road in Beauchief suffered 68 complaints in the April 2007 to April 2011 financial years period, while Wordsworth Avenue in Parson Cross received 60 complaints.

Gleadless Road suffered a reported 54 potholes, Halifax Road at Foxhill 47, and Bannerdale Road in Brincliffe had 42.

Sheffield has endured a reputation for being the worst city in the country for potholes following a national poll in 2007.