Communities came together

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FOUR days of pageantry, pomp and parties have come to an end with Britain showing the world why we are unique.

Other countries may well know how to put on a party, a World Cup, or Olympics, but nothing can rival the way our country unites to celebrate when it comes to a right royal do.

But you got the feeling that it was more than just about having a party.

Communities rediscovered their neighbourliness this weekend.

And despite the fact we live in a fast-moving technological age, the old-fashioned street party, with bunting, gazebos, trestle tables and face painting, captured our imaginations.

It would be too much to hope that the rekindled sense of community will endure, but there will be an afterglow and people will have made new acquaintances with other residents in their streets - and if nothing else - that is a great cause for celebrating the Jubilee.

A victory for open government

THE decision by the Information Commissioner to order Sheffield Council to publish a report into a £14m fraud inquiry is a victory for open government and should be seen as a well-deserved slap for the authority.

This report has been kept secret by the council who tried to resist a Freedom of Information request for it to be published.

The council said it would have published the report at “an appropriate time”.

That time seemed a long time coming, even after the conclusion of the criminal court case into the fraud.

There can be no good reason why this report has not seen the light of day. The council should remember that it is dealing with public money, not its own, and as such we have a right to know every detail of business that is carried out in our name.

Dan’s big helping

WHEN the squeeze is on, people will always look for a bargain and for one canny entrepreneur this has created a thriving business.

Dan Cluderay set up Approved Food to buy large quantities of stock which is nearly or past its best and the firm is now a favourite of Internet shoppers as savings are typically 75 per cent. With business booming, Dan has drawn up ambitious expansion plans and aims to triple the workforce, which just shows how the traditional South Yorkshire business qualities of daring and doing can still make a success even in such difficult times. Good on you Dan, you obviously have a taste for success.