Common sense needed at Arena

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I FIND it absolutely disgusting that a lady can be thrown out of a concert for singing and dancing.

I remember going to a UB40 concert and when they came out on stage they wouldn’t play until everybody stood up and started to dance.

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing the lady in question, Lisa, for over a decade and have had many a jolly to our city centre.

If she ever bumped or knocked anyone she would be the first to apologise and even offer to buy them a drink if they had spilt theirs.

If any of the audience would have had the decency to approach her and say look you’re a bit loud she would have apologised straight away.

I know this because she had waited over 12 months for this concert.

She really is a true friend and would do anything for anybody. She would give you her last pound if your need was greater.

The way she was treated was totally wrong. What has happened to common sense? Couldn’t someone have just taken a step back and thought of a solution that benefited all parties?

She didn’t deserve to be treated in that manner and neither does anyone else.

I hope they have the decency to give her an apology and a refund and look at the working practices on how to treat people.