Comedy of errors over parking zone

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WE HAVE owned a house on Stalker Lees Road for more than 40 years. We pay our council tax meticulously yet neither we, nor our daughter, are entitled to purchase a resident’s parking permit!

We do not own a car but our daughter does. Although she does not live at this address she does stay here about six months a year, mostly at weekends and while we’re on holiday (about 10 weeks a year now we’ve both retired) and on weekly shopping trips.

For the last four years, after great persuasion and cajoling, Sheffield Parking Services issued a permit for £36 per year. Now the fee has dropped to £10, all our applications have been rejected by a monosyllable voice on the phone saying “No, she doesn’t live at that address.”

When, eventually, we got through to the manager, he said it was a one-off. Not for four years at £36.

In the Rosedale and Ecclesall area, we are one of the few remaining rate-paying householders. We are surrounded by about 3,000 non rate-paying students who are not even from Sheffield and not registered at any permanent address. So why are they allowed two permits per student residence or do landlords (who, I also believe, pay no rates) buy them willy-nilly?

At the beginning of each term, student cars with residential stickers roll into Rosedale, Harefield, Cemetery Avenue, Denham, Stalker, Harland and Pomona Street, where they remain until the end of term (taking up most spaces) or go on an occasional trip to Tesco or Waitrose.

One is outside our house as I write, which hasn’t moved since January! Surely something has to be done to rectify this comedy of errors!

Mr Grant Findlay, S11