Come to Norwood if you want to cut down trees

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Unlike the lady who complained about Amey removing trees where she lives, there are many living on Norwood Estate who would gladly let them cut down our trees.

On Norwood we have many enormous trees, on the pavements and verges, causing serious damage to pavements, paths, driveways and dangerously close to properties.

Norwood & Bishopsholme TARA and others have been campaigning for many years, including two petitions and press publicity, for some action to be taken but because “tree experts” say the trees are healthy the council say they can’t do anything.

In summer, when the trees are in full leaf many people have to keep their lights on in the daytime, wasting costly electricity.

In autumn the fallen leaves are ankle deep, hazardous when wet, block grates and pile up and block guttering.

During high winds there is a danger to pedestrians, cars and property caused by falling branches and trees. This happened recently when a large tree was blown down by high winds across Herries Road.

The council have ignored our pleas, so if Ameyand the Streets Ahead project are eager to remove trees, please come to Norwood next.

If they were replaced with saplings and the roads, pavements and lighting were improved we would be proud to live in this area again.

J Shutt

Norwood Avenue, S5