Colour blindness would solve problem of contaminated bins

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It was two weeks ago when they warned me this bin is ‘contaminated’.

Straight away you think radiation. I gave the bin a wide berth until this morning when they were due to empty the blue bin.

I waited at the top of my path and I saw a man pulling a black bin behind him. When he got to the neighbours’ blue box he tipped the waste papers from the blue box into the black bin and took the black bin to the refuse wagon and emptied the black bin.

“Are you waiting to take the bins in?” he asked me?

“Yes,” I replied and he said: “I cannot take that it’s contaminated.”

Now I know we pay some people a vast amount of money to solve problems in the council.

I would like to make a suggestion. If they insist on emtying the blue box into the black box, may I suggest they wear dark glasses this way they will not know if the bin is blue or black. Problem solved.

F Hardy