College is one of best in UK

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IT’S got a great-looking building and now boasts great achievements.

Sheffield College has posted results that make it one of the best academic institutions of its type in the country.

Nearly 85 per cent of its students are now successfully completing their courses - an increase of 11 per cent over the past two years.

One of the key drivers behind this improvement is an innovative motivational scheme which keeps more students on their courses.

In today’s challenging circumstances, leaving education with qualifications is increasingly important. And for some students that does not come easy.

In a college environment it is easier to drop out of classes than it would be in school. There is far more emphasis on personal motivation.

So this success is hard won and the changes the management team have instigated appear to be reaping rewards.

The college is close to becoming an outstanding one - and one we should be proud to see dominating our skyline.

Small price to pay for officers

Earlier this week we praised the new police chief for recognising that keeping police officers on the streets was a top priority.

We knew that decision would come at a cost in terms of a higher precept on our council tax.

Everyone is feeling the squeeze and council tax charges create a hefty hole in most people’s budgets.

As the council finds itself cutting services, questions will be raised about how they can continue to charge us more for less.

So we shouldn’t really begrudge the Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright his extra 1p a day on the council tax in return for replacing 200 police officers. It is a small price to pay and at least we can see we are getting slightly more for paying slightly more.

Well done to Paula

PAULA Marriott is a passionate and dedicated carer of animals and fully deserves her national award as her charity’s volunteer of the year.

In recent weeks we have brought heart-rending stories of brutality against abandoned pets.

The PDSA offers a vital service to help owners who are struggling with vets bills but are true animal lovers.

Paula has been a dedicated volunteer at her PetAid hospital on Newhall Road, Attercliffe.

The charity needs people like her to continue to provide that lifeline for owners and pets alike.