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I, like others regret the demise of the Ecclesall Road, Traditional Heritage Museum, and thanks should be given to Professor John Widdowson and his volunteers for making the museum a pleasure to visit.

It is a pity more people did not share that view.

Susan Richardson and your readers, however, may be interested to learn that great care and effort has been taken to find suitable homes for all the exhibits.

The tools and cutlery housed there are now part of the Hawley Collection Trust at the Kelham Island Industrial Museum, which is a thriving enterprise well worth a visit.

I understand that the shop displays and fittings will from part of a project at the Manor Lodge, Sheffield, a collection of puppets is going to the Victoria and Albert Museum, papers to the Sheffield Archives and other museums and collections are to receive items.

I have expressed my regret at the closure but think Susan’s criticism of the role of the Sheffield University in its closure is somewhat harsh.

It has for some years supported local projects concerning the arts, science and environment, by providing premises, expertise and advice.

All organisations are faced with a reappraisal of their commitments and many would argue that the money and effort could be better spent on the provision of higher standards of education, and the subsequent improvement of employment opportunities.

Kelham Island Industrial Museum