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Titus Andronicus
Titus Andronicus
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YOU know what I love? The song A More Perfect Union by the band Titus Andronicus. It’s marvellous.

I don’t like to write about music these days. I used to do it lots, freelancing for magazines and odd jobs on papers. I have the distinction of being the first person to put a record by The Pigeon Detectives on the NME office stereo. Strangely, they never did offer me a full-time contract.

But I don’t like to write about music now. It’s a younger person’s game. I realised I was getting too old the afternoon I interviewed the Leeds group Wild Beasts and got so bored I ended up declaring - with, what some might interpret as just a hint of arrogance - I shouldn’t be writing words about their songs, they should be writing songs about my words. I think, not long after, their album went top 10. I started working here at The Star.

In any case, I love A More Perfect Union. I would gladly write an entire book about it. Except since you’re probably reading this online (for free!), you can just Google it and listen yourself. You’re welcome. Enjoy.

Want to know something else I love? Loads of stuff. A week ago I wrote about things which annoyed me and I was told, in an affectionately anonymous email, I was a moaner.

So I thought, well, it’s summer and the only news is how Jeremy Paxman has joined Emerson Lake And Palmer or something. I’ll have a bash at things I like.

A More Perfect Union, obviously. The debut album by Wild Beasts, too, as it goes. Better than The Pigeon Detectives.

I like books, and I like sit-coms. War and Peace is good but Del Boy and Rodney are better. I like sport. I watched the Ashes all weekend and thought: you can’t beat cricket. And then I watched a lower league football match (score 0-0), and I remembered you could.

I like the sun. You like it hot but this is too hot even for you? Go indoors then and leave me be.

I like Sheffield. Lots of places here to like. The Peace Gardens, the South Street Amphitheatre, the Two Steps chippy.

I like The Harley in Glossop Road. I saw Titus Andronicus play there way back when I was new here. It was so good we didn’t want to go home after. We stayed drinking Red Stripe until 3am.

Life doesn’t, er, get any better than that.