Closed venue warning to ‘Urban Explorers’

Weeds and litter outside the disused Don Valley Stadium
Weeds and litter outside the disused Don Valley Stadium
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‘Urban Explorers’ who scaled a 12ft-high fence to enter the doomed Don Valley Stadium and take photographs have been warned they could face criminal proceedings.

Three people entered the venue in Attercliffe, which is scheduled for demolition before Christmas, late at night before uploading their pictures on website

Their post says: “Urban Explorers show how easy it is for scrap metal thieves to get into Don Valley Stadium and take the valuable scrap metal.”

Describing their visit to the abandoned stadium, they added: “We get there, park on the road at the back take a walk along a path and in no time at all three of us are in, so we start sneaking around.”

Pictures uploaded are of the area around the running track and outside in the stands.

The Urban Explorers do not show any pictures of inside the main stand.

But their actions have not impressed Sheffield Council or Sheffield International Venues, which still manages the stadium site.

A Sheffield Council spokesperson said: “Don Valley Stadium is closed to the public. Breaking and entering is a criminal offence and we would ask people to stay away.”

Lorenzo Clark, director of operations at SIV, which remains operator of Don Valley Stadium on behalf of Sheffield Council for Sheffield City Trust until the end of the month, said: “These individuals have broken the law by entering a secure facility and climbing a 12 foot fence to gain entry.

“The building is locked and alarmed at night and security has been extended to 24 hours a day.

“We can’t condone actions of this nature. The individuals have not only put their own safety at risk, but also the safety of anyone who may have needed to attend to them should they have had an accident.

“We will be looking at possible criminal proceedings with regard to this matter.”