Clegg’s worst deceit of all

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IN your interview with Nick Clegg on January 26, he states: “Labour, spread fear, perpetuate myths and misinformation.”

And later in the article he talks of Labour deceit.

Who indeed better to point out these things than Flashman Cameron’s fag, Nick, who has swiftly mastered all the above to degree standard?

He tells us ‘the economy is crumbling’, ‘we’re in danger of going the same way as Greece’, ‘the money for Forgemasters isn’t there’, ‘we need to cut the whole deficit now’, ‘we are only clearing the mess that Labour left us in’, ‘we can’t hit the bankers because they will all run off to Zurich’ (probably to be nearer their bank accounts stuffed with our money).

All the above scare tactics are to help facilitate the most Draconian cuts ever, myth and misinformation to cover tax hikes and job slashing.

Remember when the Con Dems came in? We had the second best economy in Europe, unemployment dropping, the lowest interest rates ever and inflation under control. Mmmm. Left us in a reyt mess, din’t they?

Perhaps the worst and easiest target was tuition fees, Liar. “We have scrapped control Orders.” Liar. They’ve been watered down, but all the watered down parts can be brought back again in exceptional circumstances. But the worst deceit? He still calls himself a Liberal Democrat. Liar.

Geoff Bunting, Herries Road, Norwood