Clegg’s record will be judged

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DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg took a gamble with his political future and that of his party when he jumped into bed with the Conservatives..

There are many who think that gamble will be his downfall at the next General Election, with the Lib Dems polling at their lowest level in recent years.

He is held personally to blame for the introduction of the higher tuition fees for university students - with people believing rightly or wrongly that he reneged on the Lib Dem pledge not to increase them.

And he is generally seen as the whipping boy of the Coalition Government when things go wrong and the Teflon Tories seem to get away with nothing sticking to them.

So his analysis of the parties’ fortunes on these pages today make for interesting reading.

It is clear he wants to take a lot of the plaudits and praise for the massive amount of funding that has been flowing our way over the past 18 months - up to £3bn, to give it some context.

This month’s announcement of the City Deal funding is seen as the crown jewels in Mr Clegg’s treasure chest - a dream that he fought for and has now been delivered.

There will be politicians and city council officers who may well take issue with the fact that he is claiming responsibility for the massive road resurfacing programme that is about to get under way in the city.

And that is the crux of it. There will be pots of funding that are undoubtedly coming our way because of Mr Clegg’s policies. Whether Sheffield is a beneficiary of that because it is in his constituency or whether we would receive it anyway is a moot point.

But there will be other pots of funding that will have been the result of good joint working across parties and led by officers - and Team Sheffield should be claiming the glory for it.

Mr Clegg will find the electorate will judge whether he has been good for the city in three years’ time.

A sea of pink was delight to see

THOUSANDS of women and girls brought a wash of pink to the city’s streets as they took part in yesterday’s Race For Life.

What mixed emotions they generated. There were heart-string pulling messages of lost loved ones they were running for, and inspirational messages of support for others battling the disease.

This race has captured the imagination of women and gets bigger every year. And their menfolk, standing on the roadside cheering them on, were also a great sight to see.