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The Friends of Walkley Cemetery would like to point out to some of the dog walkers of Walkley that they have not improved on their behaviour and shouldn’t allow their dogs to foul the paths and graves in the cemetery.

It is particularly upsetting at this very emotional time of year and a desecration of the memory of the people buried there, particularly those in the 43 war graves. We wonder what the men and women who ‘gave their tomorrows for our todays’ would think of what we are doing with their sacrifice.

A small group of the Friends do their best to keep Walkley Cemetery a green breathing space in the midst of the city and we would appreciate it if the dog walkers of the area could show a little consideration for others and clear up after their pets. It only takes a little extra effort to carry a plastic bag and take your waste away with you to be disposed of in an appropriate bin.

Maybe if this was the case, there would be more people willing to help ‘the few’ to make the cemetery a more pleasant place for ‘the many’ to spend a quiet half hour (including dog walkers).

Val Stokes, on behalf of Friends of Walkley Cemetery

is it my imagination or is there more dog muck on the pavements these days?

It seems that this mess is always being splattered all over the place.

You have to do a jig to get past it without spreading it even further afield.

If you want a dog, then get along to the Poundland store and buy 200 nappy bags and pick up your dog’s mess.

Jayne Grayson