Clarkson will get my vote as the right man for PCC post

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I read with great interest the list of candidates for the up coming election (October 30, 2014) for the position of a South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

After the fiasco involving the former holder of the post, ex-Labour Councillor Shaun Wright, who brought local politics into total and utter disrepute and the failings of our three Doncaster MPs, who should have been aware of Mr Wright’s total unsuitability as a party candidate yet sat back and allowed him to stand for an important public post, it is time for a big change.

On reading the candidates list it is painfully obvious that only one candidate has any detailed knowledge of the working of the police force.

That candidate is UKIP’s Mr Jack Clarkson, a former Sheffield policeman of some 30 years’ loyal service.

Surely an understanding of the police service should have been part of the criteria for anyone seeking to become a police commissioner?

Reading Mr Clarkson’s campaign leaflet you can only have admiration for the man who, if elected, is willing to give back 25 per cent of his salary to the community of South Yorkshire.

He will certainly be getting my vote on October 30.

Mick Glynn

Hatfield Town Councillor, Doncaster Road, Hatfield, DN7

What a great idea, Dr Alan Billings will give half his salary to victims of child grooming should he be elected as Police Crime and Commissioner. What a good and noble thing to do. South Yorkshire’s police force let these girls and boys down, these children deserve all the support they can get.

As UKIP’s Jack Clarkson is already taking our hard – earned money to supplement his police pension, maybe he should offer to do the PCC job for free and give all the salary to charity.

Mark Jones