City will suffer until we get shot of government

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I refer to letter by Diane Leek in the Star letters and opinion of Saturday, November 2.

The Lady says she is pleased of the Liberal Democrats in Government securing the one billion to secure the project to renew the road surfaces, I am sure this was ongoing before the Liberal Democrat secured their one and I am sure only Governmental Powers.

As she says when the Lib Dem’s were controlling the local council and monies were devolved on local priorities, I am sure there was a Labour Government in power at this time and monies were more free to go round.

Does she not realize even with a local MP as Deputy Prime Minister that since the so called coalition have been in control, Sheffield’s monies from the Government has been cut drastically also the freeze on any Council tax rise over the last three years there is no extra money in the pot to move around to as she says their favoured projects, that is a myth until it is proven.

It is a proven fact that since 2010 and the Lib Dem’s shoved their noses into things they know nothing about to prop up a set of rogues and thieve’s, Sheffield has suffered terrible in money it should receive from the National Pot and will do so more till we get rid of this Government and it’s third rate hangers on.

Alan Charlesworth

Spa Lane, Woodhouse, S13 7QD