City will become wasteland and visitors will disappear

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I had parked my car in the large car park on Rockingham street in Sheffield.

After I’d bought my ticket costing £3 for three hours I returned to my car only to be confronted by an attendant who was ready to put a ticket on my car before she realised I’d just gone to pay.

There was no apology and she obviously realised I wasn’t happy.

As I was early for a meeting I sat in my car for a while and checked a few emails and was interested to watch the same attendant inspecting more cars.

After about three minutes the attendant slapped a ticket on the windscreen of a car behind mine before taking several photos of the car from various angles.

A minute or so after the attendant left an elderly couple who I’d noticed struggling with their shopping returned to the car only to discover the parking ticket.

I spoke to the elderly lady who didn’t sound like a Sheffielder and she said they didn’t realise how long it would take them to walk back to their car after doing their shopping .

A fair cop you might think.

My point and the point I’ve made previously to Leigh Bramall of Sheffield Council without receiving an adequate response is that Sheffield Council need to wise up and instead of being anti-car and anti-people or visitors they should reduce or remove parking charges in the city centre and should train their attendants to be a bit more people-friendly.

Otherwise if its not dead or dying already the centre of Sheffield will become a wasteland and visitors to our great city will disappear.

Or perhaps this is what Sheffield council want to happen?

John Leigh

High Green