City steel magnate’s £10,000 donation to ‘No’ campaign

Andrew Cook, chairman of William Cook, Sheffield.
Andrew Cook, chairman of William Cook, Sheffield.
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A SHEFFIELD steel magnate is one of the donors who has given money to the ‘No’ campaign against introducing the Alternative Vote system.

Andrew Cook, owner of William Cook Holdings, made a £10,000 donation towards the campaign through his firm.

It follows large donations totalling £700,000 made by the millionaire to the Conservative Party before last year’s election.

The businessman’s assistance to the ‘No’ campaign was highlighted by Sheffield Central Labour MP Paul Blomfield.

Mr Blomfield added: “There is a reason why the Tories and also the BNP want you to vote No in this referendum – they know a Yes vote will hurt them.

“The current system ensures that whenever progressive forces are divided the Tories can still romp home with most voters against them. AV will make MPs speak for the majority. That’s good for progressive politics, but more importantly, it is right thing to do – a step, even if a small one, towards greater power to the people.”

Mr Cook said: “I am in favour of voting no because one of the best arguments against AV is that in the early 20th Century there was an evil tyrant who gained power through the system - his name was Adolf Hitler.

“He won because the majority of people put his party as their second choice.”