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I won’t vote Labour again

I have through this column, long before Susan’s letter, raised the question of who gave our council a mandate to declare this city as a sanctuary?

I don’t know anyone who voted Labour that had any idea that this was what they were voting for. Sanctuary for people in danger in their home country is one thing, welcoming economic immigrants when we haven’t got the jobs or infrastructure to cope with them is entirely different. As a committed life long Labour supporter I will not vote for them again, ever. Enough is enough.

Also, as an older person who has just seen the use of my travel pass restricted, I was interested to see in the press this week that nearly half a million immigrants are claiming tax credits to the tune of almost one hundred million pounds per week. While some are claiming child benefit for children who have never set foot in this country. Many of those will now be living locally. It’s a farce, which people who have worked here all their lives are now paying for. That’s something to chew on while the supporters of mass immigration are telling us how much immigrants pay into the system and how much we need them.

Finally, just for the record I have worked alongside immigrants, and socialised with them, for most of my life. I have never had a problem with them, and don’t consider my comments make me racist. But what I am rapidly becoming, is a minority in my own country.



Charity shops

We need more variety

I see that there is yet another charity shop opening in Hillsborough, that will be seven within yards of one another.

Also there are two in the mall above Morrison’s and another one is opening there. What with betting shops, hairdressers and estate agents there’s very little else.

I don’t like empty shops but we could do with more variety.