Christmas on our streets

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IT SEEMS too good to be true.

We are about to get the best roads in the country over the next five years and maintained to that standard for 20 years.

In addition, new street furniture is to be installed to match the standard - a bit like having a new bag and shoes to go with a new dress.

Already 170 jobs are to be created through the construction process and now we are told a further 200 are predicted as the construction company promises to buy locally.

And the street furniture is state of the art, with bins that talk when they are full and street lights that are the best in the world and can be adjusted in brightness.

Now Amey, which has the contract, is promising that more roads will be gritted if it snows, consigning the experience of two years ago to history.

It really must be Christmas.

Time to end this pointless strike

THE decision to press ahead with more strikes at Sheffield’s recycling sites is difficult to understand.

Staff will walk out despite the advice of their trade union which urged workers to accept proposed new pay and conditions.

Contractor Sova has proposed a pay deal which most of the 30 workers affected are willing to accept. Nevertheless, staff will down tools on Saturday and Sunday.

The union is urging staff who want to work to make their feelings about the matter known to colleagues before the weekend.

It is essential they do.

We hope their colleagues then see sense because it seems this is a strike nobody wants and which is achieving nothing.

It’s time to listen those affected, go back to work and help the city recycle.

It’s weatherproof

IT has served this city for 130 years and charted some of Sheffield’s most dramatic moments.

The Weston Park Weather Station has recorded floods, snowstorms and record-breaking summers.

But there is more to it than meets the eye.

The station has also helped combat disease, made miners safer and was considered of such strategic importance it is thought Hitler’s bombers may have targeted it when they attacked the city.

So many happy returns to our faithful friend, which you can be assured will carry on working whatever the weather.