Choice of millionaires

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I agree with Jayne Grayson, (Letters, May15), that Ed Miliband shouldn’t have been Labour leader and had no chance of winning.

Remember he’s a millionaire representing the low-paid and the underdog, workers who formed the Old Labour party more than 100 years ago.

Instead the electorate, mainly in England, voted for another millionaire, Posh Boy Cameron.

Millionaire Clegg kept his Hallam seat, but which of these millionaires have actually lived in the real world and done a day’s work?

G Ellison

Hawthorne Avenue, S18

n During the election campaign Nick Clegg insisted that the NHS is free.

It’s not. All who pay national insurance pay towards the health service.

It’s always pensioners who have worked, saved and paid their way in life.

Very annoyed Yorkshire worker

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