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I see we have a new cancer unit in Chesterfield, costing £8.9 million – minimum.

Each year, in the UK, there are around 160,000 deaths of people who had been diagnosed with cancer; these are people who have done as they were told before and during illness: when diagnosed they have been offered the tumour-centred treatment of surgery, drugs and radiation.

Apparently, the new place will “transform the services offered to people”: yet, like the current set-up, will continue with the traditional approach plus the usual “patient-support”.

I have tried, without success, on three occasions, including recently, to get the local cancer bureaucracy to take a look at the approach being used by holistic doctors, around the world: there are case histories, in the hundreds of thousands, often considered “terminal”, overseen by medically qualified doctors. The restoration of health to cancer patient involves the reinstatement of the cancer defences and the elimination of the disease through this process.

This is standard holistic therapy, fully in line with the Nobel Prize research of Dr Otto Warburg, who determined the nature of cancer: an oxygen deficiency disease, at cellular level, due to acidosis. The 8,000 -component China Study confirmed this: an alkalising, oxygenating plant-based diet is the critical factor in cancer prevention and reversal.

As this plague is costing the UK, alone, in excess of £16 billion – and rising – per year, perhaps the cancer controllers should take into account the views of intelligent members of the public, in this area who would like to have a choice as to what should be on offer from the NHS.

This should not need an organised petition.

Patrick Rattigan

Author, The Cancer Business