Children need more protection says city MP

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Sheffield Heeley MP Meg Munn has co-sponsored a Bill in the House of Parliament to protect children who are taking part in performances.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1963 Children and Young Persons Act, which resulted in a set of regulations which came into force in 1968.

The MP has supported the Ten Minute Rule Bill, which seeks to overhaul the regulations into a clearer system.

Ms Munn said: “Back in the 1960s we only had three TV channels, the internet had not been invented, and Ofcom wasn’t regulating.

“Today we have many satellite and cable providers, and many reality TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and the X Factor. We urgently need safeguards for children to be brought up-to-date to reflect the current situation.

“The shocking ongoing revelations in the wake of the Savile allegations have made it all the more urgent the system is fit for purpose, and children can pursue talents safely.

“The bill seeks to overhaul and streamline regulations. We need a system where it is much clearer when licences are required, that those licences will be available promptly, there will be proper enforcement and monitoring and a greater professional status and recognition for the important work chaperones do.”