Children are far more likely to be influenced by home life

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I read with interest the letter from lady who seems to think it is wrong that Ched Evans should be allowed to return to playing football.

The lady believes that if he were a builder or did some other, less glamorous job, it would be acceptable for him to return to that trade but not that of a footballer.

I fail to see the argument that because Evans is a convicted rapist, a child who supports Sheffield United would become tainted in their development.

Does this mean that someone in a place of public attention would affect the development of all children?

Maybe, because a child watches the news about our MPs, they will become financial cheats and in the future, fiddle their expenses?

Believe it’s OK to bite the ear off someone because a boxer did?

Take drugs because a sprinter did, or a pop star?

Thump someone in a nightclub because someone from a popular girl band did?

No, of course they wouldn’t. The reason they wouldn’t is because they are taught what is right from wrong and brought up by responsible parents.

However, some children will grow up to be criminals by fighting, biting, embezzling, raping and cheating.

Not because of someone playing football or being in the limelight, but because it is in their personal make-up and upbringing.

Children are far more likely to be influenced by what they see and experience in their own home than they ever will be by someone playing football.

Think of all the horrible things they can experience behind closed doors?

No, the history of someone who has served his time as a convicted rapist and is trying to rebuild his career may be the least of someone’s concern.

I feel for the victim but everyone in life deserves the opportunity to rebuild their life and career, even after such a huge mistake.