Child pulled from golf course mud

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A BOY aged 11 had to be rescued by fire crews after he got stuck in deep mud on a Doncaster golf course.

The youngster is believed to have been trespassing on Hickleton Golf Club when he got himself into trouble as it began to get dark.

A crew from Doncaster Fire Station was sent to the site after the concerned youngster called for help on his mobile phone, says a spokesman for the fire service.

When they arrived there, the boy was found to be up to his knees in mud which had been removed from a pond as part of a programme of works on the course.

Rescuers had to search for him on the course before they were able to start the rescue operation.

When they found him, they set up poles and ropes to bring him to safety.

The crews were on the scene for 30 minutes.

A spokesman said: “He seemed to be in good health after being rescued, and he was not going to hospital after the incident.”

But the Saturday evening incident has raised concerns at the golf club.

Work has been going on at the club to remove around 1,0000 tonnes of silt from a large pond at the bottom of the first fairway on the course.

Some of the silt had been stored on a bank near a practice area, where it is understood the youngster may have got onto the course through a fence.

Club president Terry Musson said the silt is around 4ft deep in parts where it has been stored, and the club is now putting up a fence and warning signs to alert people. But he is also warning other youngsters to keep off the course, and fears trespassers could get hurt.

He said: “We were not aware he was there until the alarm was raised.

“He should not have been on the course. A golf course can potentially be a dangerous place. There are flying golf balls, and we have a lake, and ‘danger deep water’ signs.

“We are glad this boy was not hurt, and hopefully he has learned from this. He was extremely lucky he was able to raise the alarm.”