Child protection or a hidden agenda?

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The decision taken by Labour-controlled Rotherham Council to remove three children from their foster-parents because they are members of UKIP is absolutely outrageous and those responsible should be sacked.

UKIP is not racist but a legitimate party with sensible policies which could extricate this country from the terrible mess created over the years by Labour and Conservative administrations and now assisted by the Liberal Democrats in the coalition.

UKIP are the only party that advocates Britain’s complete withdrawal from the stranglehold of the EU which is costing this country £50 million per day and has imposed so many rules and regulations that the UK has lost the power to govern itself.

The party also supports the need for stricter controls over immigration as they realise that our already overcrowded country hasn’t got the resources to sustain the never-ending stream of people arriving on our shores.

I am sick and tired of hearing the politically-correct brigade playing the ‘racist card’ any time anyone mentions immigration.

The UK, quite rightly, has always given sanctuary to genuine cases where people are fleeing from countries where their lives are in danger.

However, anyone with any common sense can see that this country is at bursting point with thousands who merely take advantage of our generous benefits system and arrive here expecting all the handouts without having contributed anything.

The judgmental attitude raising its ugly head towards anyone who questions the establishment and its policies is more akin to a dictatorship and is deeply offensive – not what we expect in a supposedly democratic society.

Is this really all about protecting children or is there a hidden agenda here?

Could it not be a politically motivated attempt to discredit UKIP by accusing them of being a ‘racist’ party because their growing popularity poses a threat to the three main parties in future elections?

This case of the children who have been removed from their home is disturbing.

The important thing those responsible should be considering is not what political party the foster-parents are affiliated to, but the fact that they have given them the loving care that is essential for their wellbeing and stability, which will enable the children to grow up into well-balanced adults.

Susan Richardson, Westminster Crescent, S10