Chiefs are very lucky

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So, John Mothersole, Sheffield chief executive, takes a 5 per cent reduction in his salary, yet still reckons he’d receive more than his pre-reduction £184,000 per annum for an equivalent job in the private sector.

Does he not know that there are NO equivalent jobs in the private sector?

And, if there were any such jobs he’d have to get it first before he received the salary.

So, let’s drop that ridiculous comparison.

In my experience chief executives of councils leave only for similar positions in the public sector.

They rarely, if ever, go to major private sector companies. They don’t have relevant experience, leaving them unemployable in the private sector, where failure bears responsibility.

Remember Sir Bob Kerslake? The ratepayers of Sheffield were told, some years ago, he had to receive a large increase in salary or we would lose him. So he received the substantial increase and then he left a few years later.

For the private sector ? No, just another highly, and some would say overpaid, public sector position.

His departure left Sheffield with a highly paid and overpaid position to fill.

Did anyone in the authority think they should offer less than Kerslake earned to the new chief executive? I doubt it. Let’s face it, all council chief executives are overpaid.

If they were to receive anything approaching £125,000 pa, in a large authority and proportionately less in smaller ones, they should think themselves lucky… very very lucky indeed.

Oh, and by the way, don’t forget the index-linked final salary pensions in the public sector. These virtually disappeared in the private sector years ago.

David Irvine , Cortworth Road, Sheffield S11