Cheque-ing out new green bin was a double nightmare

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Irene Crane thought that getting a green bin would be a straight forward process.

She contacted Veolia services to sign up for the garden waste recycling service.

She was told to send a cover letter along with a cheque for £52.92 and she would receive her bin.

But after 10 days she still had not received anything so she rang again.

She was told her letter and cheque had not been received.

She was sent out an application form and told to fill it in and return it with another cheque.

Irene said: “They told me to send another cheque and if the first cheque turned up then they would return it to me.”

But that did not happen.

The first cheque was cashed on April 28 and the second on May 5.

Irene has been trying since then to get one of the cheques refunded.

Her bin arrived and her fortnightly collections have run smoothly, but she has hit a brick wall getting her money back and contacted Action Desk for help.


A Veolia spokesman said: “We offer our sincere apologies to Mrs Crane for any distress caused over receiving her refund.

“We have now refunded both cheques to Mrs Crane in full.

“We would like to thank the The Star for bringing this issue to our attention.

“A full review will be taking place into why Mrs Crane did not receive her refund in a timely manner so we can ensure the issue does not occur again.”