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Steve Bush
Steve Bush
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Steve Bush has been making headlines with the early success of his first book, Gee’or Ruwerin, about life growing up in sixties Parson Cross. He started life in engineering, now works in telecommunications and spent the intervening years in The Royal Corps of Signals as a radio engineer.

1. When you were a child what did you dream of being when you grew up?

I always wanted to work in a library. Still do in fact.

2. Can you remember any advice your careers adviser gave you?

They said that the steel industry would provide jobs for many, many years to come.

3. How important was your education in getting where you are now?

When I eventually applied myself, at the grand age of 22, it formed the basis of everything I’ve done since. OHM’s Law has been my byword.

4. What was your first job?

Apprentice engineer with John Bedfords. I lasted five months.

5. Did you have a Saturday job?

No but I always had a paper round – does that count?

6. Do young people have a tougher time in their chosen careers these days?

It’s always toughest for whoever is going through it currently. It’s a rights of passage hurdle.

7. If you weren’t where you are now, where would you be?

I dread to think. Doncatraz?

8. What is your ultimate goal.

To leave some kind of legacy.

9. What has been your greatest success?

A happy marriage.

10. And your most dismal failure?

Learning to ice skate (or learning to continually fall over, as it turned out).

11. What has been the most rewarding experience of your life?

They keep coming. I recently watched my granddaughter Niamh in a gymnastics display in Rotherham. My heart was bursting with pride.

12. Are there any things you regret in your life?

I’m with Sinatra on this.

13. Do you have a role model?

John Peel.

14. How do you get away from the stresses of working life?

Cinema or theatre, and a nice pint of beer.

15. Whose opinion do you most value?

Mark Kermode (film critic).

16. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Before you do anything daft ask yourself “Is it worth the consequences?” And if it is, go ahead and do it.

17. What would be the best advice you could give?

Don’t listen to advice – go out and live. Make your own mistakes. Be adventurous. Take risks. It just might be fun.

18. Retirement. When will it be and what will you do?

Travel, if I can afford it, but not for a good ten years yet.

19. How do you think other people see you?

A cheeky sod.

20. And how do you see yourself?

A work in progress.