CHARLIE WEBSTER: No more ‘scared’ football for Sheffield United

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SO WHY is there such a negative view from Sheffield United fans towards the new season and our performance before it’s even started?

It may be just the Blades fans I’ve been talking to but it seems that there isn’t a wholehearted belief that we are going straight back up to the Championship.

Is it because Danny Wilson is our manager? Surely we’re over that now. Wilson is just as determined to do the job as we’d want; he’s passionate and focused on success at his new home, Bramall Lane.

Or is it because our squad looks very similar to the team that got us in this position in the first place? Do we lack faith after seeing such poor results, performances and football?

I was chatting to a fellow Blade and also fellow Sky Sports colleague and he had no expectations at all for this season’s campaign and clearly stated that we are not going to be able to get out of this third tier football very easily at all.

Of course, being a positive Blade (there are some of us out there), I argued all the way with him saying I was convinced that we will gain promotion whether automatic or not. Am I the only one who thinks this?

Our pre-season has given off encouraging signs. The noises coming from the club seem to be right, for me, especially the boss and his team.

Wilson has made it very clear that each player has to prove his worth, which they most definitely didn’t do in our most recent season to forget.

He wants more goals, to be fair that shouldn’t be too hard to beat, and more goals from across the side as a whole.

Did any of our goals come from midfield last season? Well, hardly. So it was good to see Michael Doyle on the scoresheet in Malta and hear that he wants to put the performances we’ve seen from him right.

The attacking mentality is starting to come through from the squad and the management.

But my colleague had a point: in League One it’s going to be tough.

We are going to need to attack, push forward, score goals consistently and be aggressive.

I hope for one that the ‘scared of the ball’ mentality which annoyed and frustrated me so much in our recent relegation term has been obliterated out of existence. A positive, fit and well-rounded Sheffield United is what we need to see come August 6.