Charlie Webster: Marathon Blades misery!

Jeff Stelling Picture: MATTHEW PAGE
Jeff Stelling Picture: MATTHEW PAGE
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So everybody is now saying I’m a glutton for punishment, especially after last weekend.

I sat and watched the lovely Jeff Stelling (TV sports presenter) on Saturday keep bringing me horrible news of Preston North End hitting the target against Sheffield United’s woeful defence.

I was sat on a settee supposedly resting for the next day’s event of running the London Marathon (while injured) but I kept jumping up screaming at the telly and directing my thoughts at certain Blades players.

This was much to the amusement of my friend, a Tottenham fan. I couldn’t believe it. I was absolutely gobsmacked and so disappointed as I’m sure fellow Blades fans were.

After finally accepting that we’ve completely blown our chances of survival and deciding it’s for the best so Sheffield United can seriously sort itself out and have a huge clear out.

I turned my attention to the London Marathon where I too got some stick about my footballing allegiances.

Though the funniest thing was coming up to about mile 20 in the 26.2 mile run I spotted a very familiar football strip.

As I closed in on the red and white colours and managed to focus, which was quite hard at that stage, I realised the runner was a Blade.

He looked in quite a bit of discomfort, he was probably thinking about our club’s poor efforts and shameful scoreline at the weekend.

I tapped him on the shoulder and shouted ‘Up the Blades.’

I think I got a bit carried away as I continued to babble about us both doing something good by running the marathon as our side can’t perform for toffee.

Safe to say he probably thought that the energy drink had gone to my head and I was totally crazy. Oh well, it made him smile and hopefully spurred him on, I ran off laughing to myself, well it made me feel better.

The fact is I’m totally bemused by what has happened to Sheffield United this season and predominantly the second half of the campaign.

A lot of people have asked me whether I think we’d be staying up if Gary Speed had stayed as manager.

I don’t know what you all think but I’m not convinced we would.

It seems to me that we now need to totally reassess and make some long term changes including our squad.

I did some filming with Terry Venables earlier and we talked about relegation battles especially as it’s so unbelievably tight right now in the Premier Leagues bottom half.

Terry said that it’s not necessarily about ability as all teams around that mark are at a similar level.

He said it’s all about confidence and which club holds their nerve. I would have always said, obviously I’m biased, that the Blades are a team that hold their nerve and have that fighting Sheffield spirit...but I’m starting to think not.

I was convinced and so were a lot of people that we would be the side that just scraped the drop.

Can we still do anything? You’d have to be unbelievably optimistic to think so. The players will find that hard to convince themselves they still have a chance but I really do hope that even if we do accept that third tier football is where we will be playing next season that we finish the season with at least a little bit of pride.

Bristol City our next opponents. I hope Micky Adams has spent the week working on the players mental state rather than physical.

I believe that’s what’s wrong and running the Marathon in under four hours with an injured hip and groin shows it’s all in the mind. I’m sure the Blade I spotted during the feat would say the same. It’s all the mind.