Chapeltown mother appeals for missing family heirloom

Anne Turner who has lost a diamond ring whilst leaving her gym

Anne Turner who has lost a diamond ring whilst leaving her gym

A devastated Sheffield woman is appealing for the return of a diamond ring which has been in her family for generations.

Anne Turner, aged 57, lost the ring – which her great-grandfather had custom made for his wife in the early 1900s – on Tuesday, June 3.

She put the ring in her zipped coat pocket at the Achieve and Believe Gym, on Main Street, Hackenthorpe, along with her engagement ring, wedding ring and car key.

Anne then travelled to Asda in Chapeltown, and believes the ring fell out of her pocket when she pulled out her car keys or was in the supermarket. She only noticed it was missing the next day.

Anne is devastated at losing the ring and is offering a large reward for its return. The ring features three diamonds set in claws on a gold band.

“It’s known in my family as the crown jewels,” said Anne, of Chapeltown. “I know if I got another ring it just wouldn’t be the same. I feel like I have broken the chain.”

The ring has been passed down between Anne’s family for four generations and she had hoped to give it to one of her daughters.

She said: “It belonged to my mother’s grandfather who was a buyer in the wool trade in Bradford. He had a good year and bought the three diamonds and decided to have them made into a ring for his wife. She wore it until she was widowed in 1932.

“My mother says she can remember it as a little girl in a china jar on the mantelpiece. She was given it when she was 21 and she used to wear it for special occasions.”

Anne has rarely taken the ring off since she was given it 15 years ago.

She said: “I never take my rings off, but I’d just started at the gym and had to lift weights. I noticed that the backs were getting scratched so I took them off for the last couple of visits.

“I’ve retraced my steps, looked in the car and checked my coat, but I can’t find it.”

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