Changes a threat to creativity

Anouchka Santella.
Anouchka Santella.
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My favorite thing about Sheffield - apart from the sexy accent - has to be how creative people are.

Everyone is in a band and studied art and edits movies and is a highly skilled Instagram photographer.

I don’t know if it’s the weather, the hills or the alcohol but something boosts people’s productivity here.

In Paris, like Sheffield, my friends happen to be musicians. This makes sense, the only places I go to (bars) are filled with them.

The Sheffield music scene is obviously important and it makes life really enjoyable when one night in two you have a gig to attend.

When the council decided to demolish an entire area of the city sheltering various bands’ studios they didn’t seem to acknowledge the fact they were going to destroy what makes the city’s identity.

Ed Crisp, who started a petition against the council’s decision, is one of the first people touched since his band rehearses in a room that will soon be a flat. He believes the council decided the music scene already exists so they don’t need more bands, it’s like they already made it. It’s like saying “now that Sheffield’s a cultural city, people can stop being productive . That’s not how it works”.

It’s the equivalent of Brasil deciding to demolish their football stadiums because they already won the world cup.

Not only did the council not change its mind, it announced their next project ; to demolish 162-170 Devonshire street to ‘turn into flat and commercial properties ‘.

This means Rare and Racy, which might be the most authentic book and vinyl shop I’ve ever been to, and Syd & Mallorys, one of my favourite Sheffield brands. No one does tops like them, and the thought of walking on Devonshire Green without seeing these yellow walls is a sad one.

People always ask me why I would choose Sheffield over Paris and I tell them that I admire people’s creativity and the fact they’re not lazy when it comes to being entrepreneurs and making things happen for themselves. I always talk about independent artists or brands or bands that make the city what it is.

I’m scared that soon I won’t have any answer to give them.