Celebration is more than just a little hot air

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I WISH every success to the National Blood Week event as recently reported in The Star. However I hope the time will come when the release of numerous helium balloons ceases to be an accepted method of celebration.

There is a finite quantity of helium left in the world and this is needed for fabrication, aerospace, electronics and, ironically, medical purposes.

When the balloons finally burst they fall to earth and frequently litter woodland where they never biodegrade. Meanwhile the precious gas escapes and is lost forever. Also, deflated balloons often fall into the sea where they are eaten by threatened species such as turtles, who mistake them for their favourite diet, jellyfish, with fatal results.

I offer no criticism of the blood week organisers, who have done a great job and indirectly must have saved lives through their awareness campaign. But perhaps they can come up with an equally dramatic but less detrimental idea for future events.

Mr S