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Not for the first time, Jim Steinke writes a masterpiece on the positive aspects of immigration, using the usual language of those who would love to see our country completely multi-ethnicised and English history buried under a mound of false claims that we’re a nation of immigrants.

Mr Steinke once stated we need an honest debate about immigration. Some chance of that. Anyone who opposes his views is immediately branded as racist and shouted down by the liberal fascists who masquerade as freedom fighters.

I wonder if, after celebrating the multi national/etnic events, he will join many of us on April 23 to celebrate England Day (St George’s Day) and remember the great Englishmen of our history: King Alfred who saw off the norsemen and united the country; Wellington who masterminded Napoleon’s defeat; or Nelson whose actions thwarted a French invasion.

I doubt he’ll be wearing an I Love England hat. He’d rather try to make us apologise for the slave trade, while ignoring all the white Europeans captured by Barbary pirates and sold on the muslim slave markets.

If mass immigration is a useful source of economic growth, why are we not encouraging Third World countries to adopt this policy?

As for the benefits of immigrant health workers, I’m afraid the number of health tourists in the UK requires this mass influx of support workers. Every time a Bangladeshi, Indian or Pakistani doctor or nurse comes here to work, those countries are starved of the very qualified staff they desperately need.

I agree we Brits should embrace other cultures. This is best served by visiting countries, not by inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry over here.

John Byrne (Supporter of Campaign for an English Parliament)