Celebrate muliticulture

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This letter is specifically directed to Jeremy Corbyn, and I would love him to reply with an explanation.

He recently stated that he wanted separate female train carriages, aimed at stopping the many assaults against women that take place on our trains. Personally I do think it is a very good idea.

He also wants equality for women in every way. Again, I absolutely agree.

He also made a comment this week, stating that multiculturalism is very good for this country as it teaches our children the ways of different people around the world.

Wonderful. Let us celebrate the many things multiculturalism has brought to our country, things such as female genital mutilation, arranged marriages, terrorism, honour killings, the acceptance of a woman wearing a burka, making herself almost invisible in the outside world.

And we can’t forget Sharia law that is operating in the many Sharia courts, where a woman doesn’t have the same rights as her husband.

Oh yes, multiculturalism has brought so many wonderful things to teach our young ones.

I personally don’t believe in multiculturalism. If you want to learn about other cultures, go abroad and experience them. Oh yes, Mr Corbyn is a real supporter of women’s rights.

Many people will think Jeremy Corbyn is the next great thing to happen to this country, a feminist, liberal and altogether good guy.

I will tell Corbyn what I think he is. I think he is a hypocrite, an anarchist and a very dangerous man.

Think long and hard before you vote for this man.

Matthew Hobson

by email