Caution for motorists over driving licence payments

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Motorists are being warned about websites that apply hidden charges for processing driving licence applications. Derbyshire County Council has received more than 20 complaints about companies charging up to £70 for unnecessary administration work.

Trading standards officers are now advising drivers to be wary of websites offering replacement licences and other services that are not associated with the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority.

These websites claim to provide provisional driving licences, replacement licences and personal detail changes – but in fact only offer a ‘checking’ service and customers receive a surprise bill from the DVLA.

Derbyshire County Council deputy cabinet member for health and communities Coun Ellie Wilcox said: “At first glance these third party websites seem to offer a full and legitimate service.

“But after customers part with their money they are often shocked to be charged again by the DVLA. What they have actually paid for is someone to make sure they’ve filled the form in correctly, which is not necessary and not good value for money. Motorists can only be sure they are dealing directly with the DVLA and will not be charged additional fees for their licence if they use the official government website.”

DVLA online services is at