Castle area should become a heritage site

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I totally agree with S Irwin readers letter (October 22). I believe the so-called city fathers have lost the plot and they seem intent on turning our city centre into a concrete jungle.

I dread to think what they have in mind when the old market moves down The Moor. The area is after all the oldest part of Sheffield, the place where in 1150 William de Lovetot built his castle.

Some of the artefacts remain under the area and there are many more in the Sheffield Museum. The area should become a heritage site.

So I say to the so-called city fathers, give us back an area of our heritage. I for one would like to see an area of Sheffield that we can be proud of. After all, you don’t see the cities like York running their city down, they rejoice in it.

Come on Sheffielders born and bred tell the city fathers we have too many eyesores, give us an area to be proud of.

K Taylor