Casting seeds of tolerance

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SHEFFIELD has developed into a city of many different cultures. And it is vital that we all learn more about one another’s backgrounds in order to live in harmony in our communities.

That is why the city needs more events like the one staged at Gleadless Valley when the Community Forum, the City of Sanctuary and the local Community Assembly group organised a meet-the-neighbours party in a local hall to give people from the many different backgrounds the chance to get to know the folk who live around them.

Sheffield born-and-bred people were there to get to know those from every corner of the Earth who have come to put down roots in this city.

This was a tremendous effort and will go a long way towards building closer understanding among people who have made the estate their home.

We look forward to similar events taking place elsewhere in Sheffield.

For it is only by meeting and understanding our neighbours, from whatever backgrounds, that we can begin to cast the seeds of tolerance that are vital for the harmony we all appreciate.

Carry responsibility with great promise

IT is always rewarding to be recognised for doing your job well. And we know that the people at Sheffield University’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre will welcome the accolade bestowed on them by Boeing who declared the centre its supplier of the year.

This is a significant award for it is the first time in its 10-year history that the company, which deals with 17,525 suppliers in 52 countries, has given it to a British company.

This not only acknowledges the determination by the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre to set the pace in its dealing with the aircraft company but also that the organisation is living up to expectations.

Since its inauguration, the AMRC has been seen as a fresh and vibrant start for the region’s manufacturing traditions and Boeing’s seal of approval will be welcomed as confirmation that it is moving in the right direction and carrying this formidable responsibility with great promise.

Show of dedication

EVERY parent knows how talented their children are. But it is always great to hear of the city’s youngsters having the opportunity to show off their skills to a wider audience. And that is why it was particularly rewarding to see the Sheffield Young Artists of the Year exhibition become such a huge success. More than 900 works of art from pupils of all ages attending 60 different schools featured in the event, staged at Ponds Forge. And every one was a testament to the dedication and artistic skills of this city’s next generation of artful citizens.