Cars on pavement worse than trees

Cars parking on pavements
Cars parking on pavements
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In response to the letter ‘Tree roots are hazard’.

It should be noted that not all of the trees that have been removed or are due to be felled have seriously damaged the pavement or caused an obstruction.

The roots on our road that had made it to the surface have now been sorted by the highway works and so it is arguably more a case of the lack of maintenance over the years than the trees being such a blight and danger to pedestrians.

Even before the work they were not significant to force you into walking onto the road.

As parents who have regularly traversed the paths of Sheffield we have never once had to move into the road in order to avoid a tree and its growth, unlike the number of times we have had to step out with a buggy or while walking children on their way to school because of a parked vehicle.

Some would argue that the greater risk is posed by the cars on pavements – which can cause damage to the paths, causing trip hazards and costing local councils more than the trees.

Aesthetically, the increasing number of parked cars add nothing to the area, while the trees are a welcome distraction from the parked cars, in addition to the better air quality they provide.

Dai Powell OBE, chair of the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee had the following to say when the last government were reviewing the issue of cars on pavements:

“Inconsiderate parking on pavements can stop disabled people from gaining access to services and can also put them at great risk if having to resort to using roads.

“This practice also damages pavements, causing trip hazards and costing local councils who have to undertake repairs.”

For anyone wishing to support the tree campaign please sign the following online petitions: and

Dr Katy Ferris

Greystones Resident