Caring shouldn’t be a profit making concern

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One day people will be valued more than money. Care for people will not be a profit making concern. To employers in the care industry, you will drive people away (good honest people who care deeply for the people).

There are young people who have to juggle time to enable them to reach targets set for them just to make a living wage. Thy have a set time at each house they visit and they still have to get to the next house for a certain time.

If they have cars they may hit traffic especially at rush hour periods.

I have also heard of a young girl who had barely started the job and had to visit people unsupervised.

I have worked in this industry and I know that dealing and caring for people should not be time orientated.

There are other instances, for example they get a petrol allowance and if they have to call back to people on their rounds and the allowance is used up, then they have to use their own money.

I live in a block of flats where you need a fob key to enter the security doors. Why are carers not issued with a key?

On several occasions when my intercom rang it would be a carer requesting admittance. What would happen if at certain times of the day that person could not gain admittance, who suffers?

I check job vacancies and this is one of the posts which are advertised regularly.

Martin Quigley

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