Care is left to folk who lack respect

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Many will identify with emotions expressed by R Clayton - Honour heroes, The Star, July 3 - at the way Sheffield’s war heroes’ graves are allowed to fall into rack and ruin.

Unfortunately, this neglect serves to demonstrate the total lack of respect shown for so many since the Thatcher era, before which industries, once employing the masses, gave independence and pride.

During that time there was no need for the conglomeration of projects springing up in the ever ambitious and growing charity and voluntary network within the Third Sector.

An idea imported from America, its purpose is to help the ‘deprived’ who flounder due to government policies, poor management and the fact that multi-millions of pounds have been defrauded from the system.

Ironically, while providing lucrative jobs for the few, it depends on the generosity of unpaid volunteers often falling into the ‘deprived’ category.

Seeking to take control of council services, this Third Sector eagerly chases council contracts and multiple funding streams in order to run them but hot on their heels is a private sector pursuing the same contracts.

Evidence appears to suggest that in some areas both have been found wanting. For those having contributed for most of their life, dependence on charity under whatever guise and the private sector must rankle.

It must chill many to the bone to realise that their future care is not only farmed out to uncertain quarters but that some organisations have failed to comply with Care Quality Commission’s required standards and are being closed down because of cruelty and lack of respect.

No doubt others will follow but how sad that those having helped build a flagship welfare state promising a more secure future for all are now being treated shabbily and with a lack of respect as they witness its decline.

Mary Steele, Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross

Sheffield 5