Care in Community

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SOME years ago a relative with severe mental health problems was found wandering the streets unwashed and half starved, one more victim of Thatcher’s horrendous legislation called ‘kick em out’. No sorry it was called Care in the Community.

For those who don’t know it was when they made such a mess of the economy that they closed most mental health institutions to save some money. What worries me is just what frightening cuts this new generation of Thatcherites will come up with.

Benjamin Keddy

Bring back all jobs

bt are creating over 300 jobs bringing some services back from India or wherever they are based. It is a nightmare trying to speak to someone at BT when they’re are not in this country. All jobs for this company should be back in England.

Jayne Grayson

Tell them to opt-out

teachers are to strike this week against pension reform.

As a recently retired self-employed person, I will receive two thirds of the expected amount due to the poor economic situation etc. I and other self employed people cannot strike and demand more.

If teachers are so dissatisfied with their pensions tell them to opt out and try to manage their own scheme .

RB, Abbeydale

It doesn’t add up

why are down and out people who need food and shelter homeless and in need of hand outs? Sheffield’s housing policy says anyone with no dwelling has priority.

The Works and Pensions Department says there is money for those who are out of employment, so why are there so many people living on the streets? It doesn’t add up.

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