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Let’s have car park stories.

Caught on Broadfield Road Hillsborough private car park Excel parking gave me a ticket.

On closer examination I was angry because there were no visible parking notices and what there were, were all the same colour.

I noticed that only a white line separated private from council parking and decided to not to pay the fine but warned them if they continued with their demands I would cross petition on the grounds the site was not marked out clearly.

I did not hear from them until one week before the three years were up and they again demanded money.

I returned back to the car park and was surprised to find they had stuck a yellow line next to the white one.

However because these lines are put down with heat the new yellow one had not and I was able to lift it up and photograph the Yellow line in my hand.

I informed them of my find and informed them if they continued we could both go to court with our evidence.

Think on CP Morton, parking tickets have been thrown in the bin before enmass when they were questioned.

Best of luck.

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