Car helps drive home road safety messages

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a SPORTS car fitted with a plasma screen is being used to drive home road safety messages to young people in South Yorkshire.

The Subaru Impreza has been bought by South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership to educate young people about speeding, drink and drug driving and the dangers of using mobile phones while at the wheel.

The car will be used by fire service staff at community events and in schools.

It is hoped 10,000 young people a year will watch educational DVDs in the car.

It comes after 26 young drivers between 17 and 24 were killed or seriously injured on South Yorkshire roads between January and June.

Coroner Nicola Mundy visited South Yorkshire to look at the Subaru and speak to fire officers about road safety.

She said: “I deal with the devastated families of young people who die in road collisions which are very often avoidable.

“This innovative approach to educating young people of the risks of death or injury on our roads is of critical importance and very impressive in its delivery.”

Station manager Jon Torn, who oversees road safety for South Yorkshire fire service, said: “It isn’t easy to impress upon young people just how dangerous a car can be, especially in the hands of inexperienced drivers, but I’m certain this fresh approach will help us get the message across.

“I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact road deaths have on families and friends, so although we’ve make good progress in reducing the number of people seriously injured or killed, we still need to keep working hard to make South Yorkshire’s roads even safer.”

Ken Wheat, manager of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, said the number of drivers aged 17 to 24 being killed was falling but added: “We must continue to find innovative ways of getting our safety messages across.”